Compass calibration of Splash drone is necessary in below cases:

  1. Fly for the first time.
  2. Take off 100km away from the location of last compass calibration.
  3. Drone falls off/crashes by accident.
  4. Drone keeps swaying/drifting during flight.
  5. Heavy shake occurs during transportation.
  6. RED indicator keeps on and motors cannot be armed.

Steps of Compass Calibration

1. Turn on Radio controller and then power on Splash drone. Wait till the drone complete self-checking, then flip SWB gear to SWB2 (RTH) position.

2. Pull left stick to the bottom-left 45°, push right stick to the top-left 45°as below photo.

3. Wait 2 secs till the LED indicator turns solid red. Now Splash drone is ready for compass calibration.

4. Horizontally pick up the drone to do a full counter-clockwise rotation in 6-axis respectively and make sure all the rotation should be based on the same vertical axis. After completing above process, put Splash drone on a flat ground, leave it and wait for a few seconds to finish compass data collection. When the solid red LED indicator blinks slowly, the compass calibration is completed.

5. Flip SWB2 back to SWB1 after calibration. Power off Splash drone, reconnect the battery and wait till the self-checking finishes after a long beep emitted from the motors. Then try to arm the motors by pulling the left stick to the bottom-right and the right stick to the bottom-left. The motors can spin if the compass is correctly calibrated.

NOTE: GPS signal is required to arm motors under GPS mode. It is recommended to start the motors in ATTI mode for the first time. Repeat the above steps if the motors fail to be armed.

It’s a must to calibrate compass of splash drone in the fly area instead of indoor. Any magnetic interference should be avoided. Please do make sure to keep far away from high-voltage transmission power lines, emitting base stations, metal object.

Below is a video tutorial of compass calibration by Swellpro’s US exclusive reseller Urbandrones.

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