Before I had run some extreme tests of Mariner drone pro and it turned out to work pretty well both in the air and water. In early 2016, Swellpro released a brand new version called Splash drone auto. I just got one auto version for test review and found out what was new.



The auto version is equipped with a new flight controller and dual telemetry for enhanced flight stability.
The whole kits are stored in a larger aluminum case. The landing gears and gimbal are pre-installed. The new controller looks quite handy, compact and is added a low voltage vibration alarm so pilots can retrieve the drone before the battery is drained. The drone is ready to fly right out of the box and all you need to do is to calibrate the compass.



This review mainly focuses on the flight test. I didn’t test the waterproof quality for now because the earlier model had done perfectly on that since 2 years ago.


We went to the beach where it was quite windy then. After take-off, I let splash hover there. It was pretty stable with GPS against the wind. Then I flew it a little bit further and higher to try the return-home function. Splash drone automatically flew back at a certain height and landed smoothly where it took off.


Later, I took off splash once again, made it hover while waiting for the battery to run out. The screen on the controller instantly told me the height and distance of the drone. After around 15 minutes, the remote controller started to vibrate telling me the voltage hit quite low. I immediately made it land instead of letting it crash.


Through the tests, we can see great improvements on the flight controller and GPS contribute to better flight stability and radio connection. In the near future, I will do some sailing videos to demonstrate if it still can survive in the water like before.


Test Review by Rick Moore from


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